Ez RS Shoot

Maurius is better to light than the outside world to look through the transfer. Once they marveled at the equator. In doing so, he was grateful that, unlike most of her classmates simply following the excavations from home. He was proud that it is right for discovery, to the point where it is detected and written history. Today, after a short rest, he arrived in the capital to personally participated in the launch of the first quarter of their final academic year. On the way to the tall building academy from the track deliberately set off on foot and on the surface, instead of the car or comfortable, safe and constantly bustling streets of the inner city.

In town where he lives with his girlfriend Maraleie on the surface to outer city is not allowed to physically come. People, mostly passengers, anyway town just transfer, like it or lacking. When then Maurius first arrived in the capital, amazed. Spacious interior streets here goes real people, citizens with robotics improved bodies, people of all ages and actual, living face. They enjoy it, it makes them happy, feel everything with his own body. But they are also a local street cleaner and rotate the squares and open space with artificial sky.

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