Ez RS Shoot

Daily heat flooded almost motionless, drenched streets of the outer city. Yellow-gray shades low dome and high beveled walls, towers, pinnacles and roof constructions above the planet’s surface indicate the strength of searing rays. Long, broad avenues stretching from the interurban tracks to the government district of the capital lone figure walking in the student uniform, consisting of a comfortable gray trousers embraced shiny metallic belt, dark gray tight-fitting blouse and a blue beret.

Maurius he feels himself. Just at the height of his head, they fly cars with darkened windows or other rushing machine, otherwise at this time, people hiding from the heat in the busy inner city.

Protected tailored nutrition, he is on the morning rays used to, but even so must face and neck covers protective veil dropped from beret and carefully strapped to his collar. It does not inconvenience him. For the last academic quarter soldiered on excavations in equatorial desert, where conditions were much tougher.

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