Ez RS Paintball

As the days went by, we started thinking about escaping. It was clear to us that it is very risky, but we have to inform the world about what threatens us. We had to flee when we were on a daily walk. One of us but had to sacrifice. We pulled up the strings, who draws the shortest sacrifices. The shortest pulled botanist, his task will be to divert attention, we might escape. The next day we made our plan. Botanist began to provoke patrol and then went on the run. We have yet quietly went exactly the opposite direction. We were trying to go towards Čumungské village, where they waited our scooters. We were not even halfway there when behind us roar and hurled us shooting. Their weapons were shooting energy balls, which caused craters in the ground and tore up trees with the roots.

One ball landed right next to us and hurled us a few meters. It luckily nothing happened, but my mate had a broken leg. That was a big problem. He could not run away, we tried to help him. But he was resigned to his fate, he showed me the direction, closed his eyes and waited for death. So I ran in that direction, and the last time I turned around, I saw that the whole gang of pursuers stopped at the wounded friend and one of them had their powerful jaws biting off the head. From that moment I just blindly ran away and sought the village.

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