Ez RS Game

Several other days we walked around the grounds and had a chance to inspect their facilities. In one, metal – a physical device that acted as a screen, we have seen that in the Antarctic another borehole, much deeper than that, almost at the core. It was described by letters that looked like a combination of Asian and Egyptian characters. They explained that two wells faster excavated core, everyone starts on one side and meet in the middle. That’s our Russian team stayed and attacked one member of our guards. Of course he was killed by the first shot. For us it was a loss for them food.

About his experience we long silence. I speak up now, after years when the Earth starts to cool. Winters are long and cold now, and scientists were unable to find the reason for this cooling. I know him, foreigners have begun to mining center. I hope I will not be a fool and do action before it’s too late.

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