Ez RS Winners

Maurius is better to light than the outside world to look through the transfer. Once they marveled at the equator. In doing so, he was grateful that, unlike most of her classmates simply following the excavations from home. He was proud that it is right for discovery, to the point where it is detected and […]

Ez RS Shoot

Daily heat flooded almost motionless, drenched streets of the outer city. Yellow-gray shades low dome and high beveled walls, towers, pinnacles and roof constructions above the planet’s surface indicate the strength of searing rays. Long, broad avenues stretching from the interurban tracks to the government district of the capital lone figure walking in the student […]

Ez RS Team

It started to get dark and hard snow. I found the village late at night, chilled to the bone. The village was quiet, everyone was asleep and our skis were exactly where we left them. Fortunately, they were still rolling. I immediately drove back towards gross Norilsk. I thought. I can not tell you what […]

Ez RS Paintball

As the days went by, we started thinking about escaping. It was clear to us that it is very risky, but we have to inform the world about what threatens us. We had to flee when we were on a daily walk. One of us but had to sacrifice. We pulled up the strings, who […]

Ez RS Game

Several other days we walked around the grounds and had a chance to inspect their facilities. In one, metal – a physical device that acted as a screen, we have seen that in the Antarctic another borehole, much deeper than that, almost at the core. It was described by letters that looked like a combination […]

Ez RS Action

Nothing about themselves or about their technology, they wanted to tell, but I could observe many things. For example, that they are pure carnivores, as indicated by their claws and teeth. Meat is eaten raw and are able to eat calmly 50 kg at a time. Clearly a force greater than man, they can break […]